Jan 292012

teragirlSticking to tradition, secluded high up in the mountains and rejecting anyone who is not willing to give up everything is an option … opening up, finding ways to become more approachable, using the internet and trying modernisation is another one.

Said that, without a profound study and understanding of the roots of any tradition, modernisation is not possible. The outcome is otherwise a lifestyle-product, a shallow feel-good approach or fashion trend to follow, similar to buying a new outfit.

End of the day, it is all about commercialisation, whatever the promoters of the lifestyle-industry might promise, their main purpose is selling a product … find out about the latest trend of being a “Tera-Garu” (Temple-Girl) at http://tera-cafe.com/ .

Inspired by the tweet: RevTakaZen Takafumi Kawakami


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