A Day Off (Day 5 – 30. March)

At a Zen-Temple or Dojo one is usually quite busy from dusk to dawn. A good chance to go to the supermarket, do ones washing or just relax a bit is the “day off” every two weeks. The schedule is much relaxed, after Morning Service, Zazen and cleaning (all finished around 7:30 am) the meals are free-style, and no other program points.

Stream with bamboo near the Temple

Stream with bamboo near the Temple

First I was disappointed to hear my seven days at the Zen-Dojo will be interrupted by a day off, but now I am happy! I have time to write a bit, explore the neighbourhood and take a few pictures, eat a relaxed meal with my friends outside on the veranda. And I can enjoy the lovely guesthouse and garden in the sun! 

With all the strict schedule and work, it is really good to sometimes just relax. Too often in my daily life I tend to forget the importance and pleasures of taking a break …

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