Affiliation with Shunkoin-Temple

Shunko-in (Myoshinji) / Kyoto

Shunko-in (Myoshinji) / Kyoto

Around last year, by accident, I discovered Shunkoin, and visited it the next morning for Zazen. Shunkoin is a beautiful Rinzai-Zen Temple inside the big Myoshinji Temple area in the West of Kyoto. It has a very interesting and long history, and it is very open for foreigners who want to experience Zazen!

Today I went there once more, for Zazen, and to speak with the deputy head priest Rev. Taka Kawakami.

My last year’s very positive impression was confirmed during my visit today, Shunkoin is really a place open for western lay-people to experience Zazen without any fear or prejudice. I very much like the friendly and open attitude of Rev. Kawakami!

The Doraku-An Zen-Dojo is now Shunkoin Temple’s official association in Germany. I am very grateful to Rev. Kawakami for his support!

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