Autumn Colours

aki-1The leaves of the small maple tree in my Dojo’s garden changed colour into a beautiful dark red during the last week.

Around this time, in Japan the moon viewing festival tsukimi (月見) is celebrated. It is believed that mid-autumn is the best season to enjoy the view of the full moon, chushu no meigetsu (中秋の名月).

It is a nice co-incidence, that the four seasons so cherished in Japan do pass about the same time here. So, if we like, we can share some Japanese seasonal customs in addition to (or instead of) our own.

To know that the moon is always perfectly full and round, 365 days a year regardless of date and season, is maybe more related to physics than Zen. Though the experience that things might be different from their temporary appearance, and not being fooled by this, is essential for both, Zen and science …

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