Apr 192012

When I came back from Kameoka, I found all Kyoto busy preparing for Hanami, the cherry blossom party. In Maruyama Koen groups people happily drinking under the first cherry blossoms could be spotted, and at Hirano Jinja the booths and platforms were set up for catering the guests expected to come in large numbers the next days.

Sakura in Kyoto, May 2012

Sakura in Kyoto, May 2012

I was a bit worried how the big city would affect my mood after seven days in the Zen Dojo on quiet countryside. But it was o.k., no problem, Kyoto was for me the same as before. Just my one-tatami sized room in the old Ryokan was a bit too much luxury I felt, it even provided heating!
I enjoyed wandering around in the city, sitting at the banks of Kamogawa river in the evening, walking along Higashiyama in the east from Nanzen-ji Temple all the way to Kiyomizu-dera. Kyoto is just my second home-town, somehow, and coming home is always good …

On the last day we had a workshop at Kyoto University, which my colleagues kindly shifted for one week so I can participate. Changing from my indigo dyed samue to a black business suit, and giving a scientific presentation instead of doing Zazen and manual labour felt a bit strange at first. But the one or other way, I guess, both aspects are part of my every day life.

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