Being Clear

Whether a person talks and writes a lot, or not, is likely a question of his or her character. Regardless of the quantity of our communication, in Zen, we try to be as clear as possible.

This clearness is of course not restricted to our words, it reflects as well in our actions, in all we do. Becoming more clear is going the Way of Zen.

kuramaAlas, for us social beings, in our daily life usually not so much is clear. Our circumstances might be a mess at times, our relationships unhealthy and abusive, and people we are in contact with might misunderstand our friendliness as an invitation to throw their own destructive behaviour upon us.
That is just how life is. It does not help much to complain about it.

Doing Zazen, practising a Martial- or Zen-Art, helps us to find our own way in this life. By becoming more clear ourselves who we are, and what our purpose in life is, our Zen-practice gives us the motivation and strength also to cut off ties; both, with unhealthy habits and unhealthy relations.

By and by, we become less dependent from others’ and from our own judgements, and enjoy a free and happy life.

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