Beware of Pushermen

Most things I know today I had learned from wise old men and crazy young girls. Their lessons were essentially on impermanence and letting go, sometimes accompanied by a good deal of self-inflicted suffering.

Young Girl, bit crazy (my photography/artwork)

The majority of Buddhist teachers I’ve met or read about were busy explaining. This and that, it is amazing. As if Buddhist studies could elevate the dedicated student into some state of wisdom beyond the very subject of his or her studies.

In a previous life while working in academia I enjoyed (quite to my own surprise) the obligation of teaching. Supporting dedicated and bright young folks in the process of shaping their mind and developing their personality was worth some effort, I believed. These students, coming from all over the world, had quite a path behind them before being ready (and admitted) to attend the lectures. And mostly they very well understood why they had decided to be right here right now, listening carefully. I was still young and crazy enough to believe I had something to pass on to my distinguished audience. I was their Pusherman of skills and knowledge.

Old Man, maybe wise (my ink painting)

These days, there is nothing I’d like to teach. If you come to my Dojo or Sesshin, you can simply join my practice. It is mostly on impermanence and letting go … the amount of suffering (or joy) you decide by yourself. Feel free to come without knowing and leave without having learned a thing.

I said God damn, God damn The Pusher man

You know the dealer, the dealer is a man
With the love grass in his hand
Oh but the pusher is a monster

Steppenwolf, The Pusher

Not being that monster of a pusher of knowledge and wisdom is my intention. More the dealer of letting go, with nothing but impermanence in my hand.

You know, I’ve seen a lot of people walkin’ ’round
With tombstones in their eyes
But the pusher don’t care

The pusher man or woman wants to make you a follower, a believer. He or she carries the promise of future salvation, of fame and titles. He and only he owns the right believe and correct understanding. Whatever. And while you follow her footsteps, year after year, she will eat your heart and blurr your mind and fire up your pride and your believe in status and achievements. He don’t care.

Really, there is nothing to achieve, and nothing to understand.