Callligraphy and Supercomputing

Today we visited the “K-Computer” in Kobe, which currently is the fastest supercomputer worldwide. Since this blog is not about computer science, I spare all the fascinating technical details, and want to just mention the link Japan created between supercomputing and calligraphy.

The Japanese character-“logo” (δΊ¬) for the K-Computer was written with brush and ink by a famous artist, and my Japanese colleagues told me it cost a fortune (which in their eyes should have better been invested in technology).

Instead of posting this piece of art, let me share just some creative interpretations of the character by school kids, exhibited in the lobby of the building:


Somehow it is nice to see the ancient art and modern technology side by side, although I’d preferred to chose the logo from the above samples, and spend the money for teaching young kids calligraphy and computer science.

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