Coming with your own Body

Is it safe? Isn’t it dangerous? Isn’t it mad?

These questions I heard a lot after I announced my plans to go to Tokyo and Sendai end of May. The Shinkansen to Sendai I will board tomorrow passes the collapsed reactors in Fukushima by just 40 km distance.

As a physicist I can judge how few is known about the current situation, and which scenarios can currently not be excluded to happen. I am not on a suicidal mission with eyes closed, but it is not “safe”. Although, the complications and risks of travelling north are much different compared to 4 or 6 weeks before!

I have friends and colleagues in Tokyo and Sendai. Millions of people are living in that area. Can we just abandon them, send money or good wishes or wise suggestions by e-mail, what to do? Or sit at home or in the far away and safe Kyoto and just pray for them? How would you feel?

Coming with your own body, in spite of danger or fear. Be there in person. That is the best we can do! Always!

Talking about Zen can be nice at times. But better come, in person, and let’s practice first! Only if your body comes, and not just your words, we can truly understand each other’s heart!

P.S.: You might also want to read Shodo Harada Roshi’s moving report A visit to Sendai following the Tsunami written shortly after the disaster happened.

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