Apr 012012

I am just back from one week stay at the Tekishinjuku (International Zen Center Kyoto), on the countryside near Kameoka. I really enjoyed my time with the nice people I met there, and I learned a lot. What I experienced at Tekishinjuku was a way of living day by day, which was simple and just good. It was hard for me to say good bye this afternoon, and I felt very sad all the way back to Kyoto.

jotokujiWhen I have some time during the next days or weeks, I will edit a few notes I took during my stay. Somehow I think it is too much, maybe enough for a book. And somehow I don’t want to put into words and publish what we shared during these seven days. You must come and find out yourself!

But I believe it will help this lovely place for experiencing Zen, if it becomes a bit more public how the day to day life at Tekishinjuku looks like. The Dojo is just recovering from the after-effect of the great disaster last year, when all international guests and resident monks left in the face of the collapsing reactors near Fukushima. I am very happy I could contribute a little bit to its revivification, though for a far too short time.

I take it as a good sign that my zoori (slippers) did not fit into my luggage when I packed, so I had to leave them behind, hopefully for my next stay.

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