Final Chores

Yesterday, I did a final cleaning in my house and former Dojo before moving out. The first things I brought in three years ago were a few Zafu (pillows for Zazen) and a small Buddha statue, the last thing I moved out was a bit of dust.

dustThe “homeless” equipment of my Dojo, packed in boxes, is now piling up in the corners of a small flat.

Not having a place to practice is no problem. For the experienced, Zen-practice is possible everywhere and under all circumstances.
Not having a place to teach is more serious, since I consider not passing on what I once studied as very selfish. What you learned from your teachers is not your possession, you have to give it away as good as you can … but this is easier said than done.

Without a Dojo I also see no real need to continue this blog. The final thing to say is “many thanks” to the students who attended my seminars and sesshin, and to the readers of this blog who followed me until here.

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