Apr 082012

eastersToday is April 8th, Buddha’s birthday, according to the Japanese Buddhist calendar, and co-incidentally Easter Sunday. We will have a little ceremony at my Dojo, and enjoy eating chocolate eggs.

While I am still editing the notes I took at Tekishinjuku, I feel a bit sad that I was not able to stay in Japan until today. Not just I will miss the ceremonies at the temple; today also K-san will formally become a Monk and change his name.  The Roshi asked me to help K-san shave his head, but he decided to keep his hair as long time as possible … I wonder how he looks now?

What I took from Japan this time is the inspiration how to run a good Zen-Dojo, with hard practising but happy people. Maybe today is a good day to reconfirm my ideas and wishes to set up such a place, instead of longing to be in Japan?

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