High Noon in the Sandbox

I received several questions why I do not enable commenting for my blog, if I want to avoid discussions about what I am writing here.

Well, no … I love discussions. But I restrict them to the group of people I either know, or I meet in person. I don’t like public discussions with strangers on the web for good reason. When I meet someone in person and enjoy polite small-talk while preparing a coup of tea for my guest, and he suddenly displays a weird expression on his face and starts shouting at me, I know what to do. Have a coup of tea (喫茶去).

The world wide web is a different story … it is a place where often sad and lonely people, who likely did not receive their share of invitations for a coup of tea, troll around shouting loudly. But we cannot see the weird expression on their faces until the mess is public, the insult written down for the world to read. Though I feel genuinely sorry for someone who has to spread his pain to others, my first ennobling truth is to keep some safety distance. Please have your cup of cyber-tea somewhere else!