Living in the Moment

We all know the joyful feeling of doing something with our full heart and full attention: playing music, cooking, sports maybe, or watching a fascinating movie or soccer game. It helps us to relax, gain new energy, and it makes us completely happy!

What if all, or almost all activities of our daily life could give us this kind of joy? We could recover while working, while doing chores, or while driving our car!

For a moment, think about what it is, that lets you enjoy and recover, maybe even in spite of heavy physical or intellectual activity? Regardless what your list may contain, I bet one point is about “forgetting time and space”, “not thinking of anything else”, “100% doing this one thing”, “not wishing to be anywhere else” …¬†

In other words, it is living in the moment! Not having your mind wander around in the past or future or here or there.

Of course, in our every day life we need some planning. Where I live, shops are closed on Sundays. When I want to eat, I must think of it already on Saturday. For being in office on time, I must consider the traffic jam on Monday morning, and so on …

But most of my time, I do not have to think of past or future. Nothing goes wrong, if I live just in the moment, and think of nothing else but the thing I am actually doing, right here, right now. And be it chores, driving my car long distance or working on the computer, it is joyful and very relaxing!

This will not work on command “Do what you do, and nothing else!”. You need some practise with “living in the moment”, of course, like with everything new breaking up old routines. But then, it will by and by become a perfect method of emotional and physical¬† energy saving …

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