I haven’t posted much lately. The reason is that I am currently busy moving my home and Dojo to a new location (actually, the city of Mülheim an der Ruhr, not far from Düsseldorf). I feel sad that I had to give up the nice house on countryside, and especially the attic with the old wooden beams, in which the Dojo was located. Said that, I believe that leaving behind such a perfect place to practise and teach Zen is also a good lesson on impermanence …
The new Dojo will be located down-town and offer regular classes on Zazen, Hitsuzendo and Aikiken during the week, in addition to day-long seminars on weekends. Location and schedule will be announced soon!

Update (Jan 2014): Finding a suitable and affordable room for my new Dojo appeared to be much more difficult than expected. I keep on searching and hope to re-open soon!

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