New Dojo

This blog became rather silent. The reason is: I am very busy at my new Dojo. After searching, waiting and negotiating a specific location in my current home-town (Mülheim an der Ruhr/Germany) for more than a year, I am happy to announce that the Doraku-An Zen-Dojo has a new place to practice Zazen, Hitsuzendo and soon Aikido and Iaido!

Although I am still setting up the Dojo, regular Zazen as well as weekly introduction classes are already offered from the first day I got the key for the house (and visited by people who happened to find and hopefully like the new Dojo). From July on we will have a fixed schedule with Aikido and Iaido included into our regular exercise.

Practice hours can be found on the Dojo homepage (currently in German only) and on the Dojo’s facebook-page (German/English). We will also offer one-day seminars on Zazen and Hitsuzendo every first Saturday of a month (from July on).

Guests are always welcome, the location is easy to reach by foot from Mülheim an der Ruhr Central Station.


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