Dec 052011

When I was a young Zen student assisting my former teacher during his Sesshin, I often asked myself “why on earth do I spend my time and money to work with those people ?” Some participants in our seminars really got on my nerves, and often I felt I had more than enough good reasons to complain …

Shunryu Suzuki once said “when you have shit on your nose, it smells bad wherever you go”. In my experience, practising Zen is a bit like cleaning your nose. The bad smell you find everywhere is getting less and less with time …

Nowadays, I really enjoy doing seminars and Sesshin. There is no stress and no anger about participants, I am always looking forward towards having a good time of Zazen and Hitsuzendo with the nice people coming. I very much hope, after they leave, they don’t think it smelled bad at my Dojo!

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