No News

In the early days of the common use of the internet, even before the http protocol was defined, we had a usenet news-reader called “nn” (which is still around today). The “nn” stands for “no news is good news”, I always liked that name.

So often we aim for the special, the extraordinary, the outstanding, the enlightened … but in fact, going on day by day, as if nothing special happened, no news to report, is the way of Zen!

My visit to Sendai today was absolutely normal, I was amazed in which speed the city recovered to a seemingly ordinary daily life. The uninformed visitor could even be mistaken that nothing had happened on March 11th.

"Next Stop Fukushima"

“Next Stop Fukushima”

There is such a strength in “daily life”, and it requires so much endurance, power and bravery to keep it up or restore it in spite of all misfortunes and circumstances. But it is exactly this, I believe, which makes it possible for us to live together as a social community, as human beings.

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