Not giving up

ganbarouLooking back to my ten days journey from Kyoto to Sendai, there was one specific characteristic amongst the people I have met, which impressed me most: I did not see or talk to even one single Japanese, who complained or seemed to have given up. The judgement of the disaster and the actual and potential after-effects of the collapsed power plants in Fukushima differed widely, but the spirit of going on was common amongst everyone.

It was out of question! Giving up and complaining is not an option!

When we practice Zazen, I am confident, we can develop a similar spirit of never giving up.

Living day by day, practising day by day, regardless of good or bad circumstances, regardless of being tired or not, regardless of having time or not, regardless of feeling pain or not … and not even thinking, that this is something special, something beyond our ordinary daily life, this is the meaning of our Zen practice.

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