Jan 302012

Writing with brush and ink is an excellent Zen exercise. And it is good fun. Alas, finding a teacher outside Japan is not so easy. As a young student, I tried to copy from books with ancient calligraphies, but I usually could not figure out the stroke order, tell the difference between the various styles … and often could not make any sense of what I was writing at all.

After working with my former Japanese teacher for 13 years (and learning Japanese), I had the idea to provide what I wished to find myself two decades ago: (more or less) regular suggestions on what and how to study Zen Calligraphy, classical Zen sayings or individual characters.


My idea is to post here once or twice a month a sample with some instructions and explanations. Printed out, it hopefully can serve as a template for your own studies … and maybe motivate you to come to my Dojo one day for a seminar and more intense practise!

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