Jun 182011

What is the best Zazen? my former Zen-teacher often asked during his talks.

Nowadays, I believe I misunderstood him in that aspect. I always had the impression his very answer to this question was setting up and following a most perfect schedule for our Sesshin, with each and every detail for each minute meticulously planned, and no deviation from the plan tolerated.

If you force yourself too much to follow a plan or an idea of how the best Zazen should be, even the very best Zazen can turn into something pretty unpleasant: 

I have to sit every day!
I have to sit at least twice for 25 minutes!
I must stop thinking or dozing during Zazen!
I must sit in a perfect full Lotus Posture!

Although this all might be true to a certain extend, the best Zazen is always the Zazen you are actually doing, right now! Without hesitation and with all your energy, however good or bad that may turn out to be.

It is not necessary to have any specific idea of what the best Zazen could be.
Just do it!