May 202012

A few days ago, while washing dishes, I listened to a radio interview with a German Zen teacher. I don’t much like talks or writings of Zen people who seem to have explanations and answers for everything, giving us the impression that thanks to Zen in their life no problems do exist. I think it is dishonest.

As a scientist, I experienced that quick answers often fail … and I enjoy the privilege of travelling the world. In the spare time during my frequent trips I explore the places I happen to visit, usually by just stepping out of the hotel and getting lost walking in the neighbourhood for hours. Wherever I go, sooner or later I very much start liking the place and feel “at home” … and if I don’t like it, I believe it is somehow my fault, I just did not yet explore it’s nice or interesting side …

Currently I am in a city once called “Terminus”, built on the land of the Cherokee less than 200 years ago as the final destination of a train line starting in Chattanooga. Every time I visit the US I do have severe problems, because my usual approach getting to know and eventually loving a place completely fails.

gasI did not yet figure out how to make sense of my stay here without renting a car and spending money for shopping. Usually, I end up looking pretty strange as the only pedestrian making unexpected use of empty side-walks, in search of something interesting to see, or at least a supermarket to buy some food. Walking around in a desert must be more stimulating I thought today
during my (eventually failed) attempt finding a grocery store.

Said that, I am not yet giving up to find out what is my problem with this country. The people I have met here are just too friendly (although I was mistaken as a Spanish today, a blond haired blue eyed Spanish “… you can hear it in my accent when I talk”).