Aug 232011

Do you remember what was driving us, when we were young? Before changing the life insurance policy and fixing the garage roof were an issue, before we started fighting about what could be an appropriate, but not too expensive return gift when visiting the Smiths?

The sky was the limit, the sky and beyond, nothing could stop us. And nowadays, we have to allocate time the next week-end to finish our tax declaration, or …

I don’t accept the priority we often tend to give to all these necessities, and also not, that giving all up and following some or any rules set up by someone leads to salvation. Our life is too short and our true friends are too few to waste our time!

winehousePractising Zazen is not, by any means not, a noble exercise which makes us somehow better, or distinguishes us from the masses wasting their lives in front of the TV or by working too hard to increase their affluence. Zazen is a way to survive, when us adult people reached a state of living in the moment, as we maybe, hopefully, once did as teenagers.

Having a heart like a child and the experience of an adult, the sky and the world are wide wide open to us, and we can freely enjoy life or burn and die so quickly.

My daughter recently called me to tell me that Amy Winehouse died. “Amy Who?” I asked … but later listening to her voice, I wished she practised some Zazen, just to survive her incredible presence for a few more years.