Two Weeks

This time my trip to Japan was a bit extreme, from Kobe in the south-west to Sendai in the north-east and back. I saw the currently worldwide fastest supercomputer, went to Sendai for maybe the first scientific conference after the disaster, spent a night at an expensive Ryokan not so far from Fukushima and a week with nice people at Zen Temple outside Kyoto. I was hiking in the hills around Kamakura and enjoyed an exceptionally clear view of mount Fuji. And on the last day I attended a scientific workshop at Kyoto University, where I was happy to meet friends and colleagues from my scientific community.

In the plane somewhere above Siberia, I am just finishing my notes and wonder was there any specific highlight I should mention? I don’t think so, every day was a good day. I feel very grateful for all I experienced the past two weeks, and towards the people I have met. Now, I am just a bit tired …

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