Why I am writing this Zen-Blog

I got quite mixed response from friends after starting this blog: “Zen cannot be taught on-line!” … “Why expose yourself so much?” … “Why give all your ideas away for free?” … “Students should come to the Dojo, not study Zen on the computer!” … “The true teaching should be hidden, not on-line!” and so on …

I guess there is a misunderstanding. It is like mixing up the menu with the dinner. Would you try to eat the menu, or complain that a potato in reality is not flat, as shown on the picture? Come on!

The purpose of this blog is to give you a first impression of the Zen-teaching at my Dojo, so maybe you will find your way to this remote place in the far West of Germany a bit more easily. It is nothing but a map, a guide-book to a place for Zen-study.

You won’t complain to the editor of Lonely Planet, that their book about Kyoto is not the city itself, or that people are mislead if they just read the book and don’t go to Japan, or that their information is dangerous, because it differs so much from the real experience. Would you?

This blog is just the menu, the guide-book … you must come and eat yourself, practise yourself, with your own body, of course!

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