Zazen and Kids

My guest’s wife and baby took a Sunday afternoon nap, so we decided to sit Zazen for a round or two. With little kids, keeping up a regular schedule is often not possible, but this is no problem at all!

Zen is not in the first place meant to follow rigid schedules, but adopting to the circumstances.

When my daughter was still very little, I explained to her that when daddy is sitting on his “resting pillow”, she may come any time, but not talk, unless there is something really really very urgent. That was o.k. for her, and from time to time she came to sit on my laps during Zazen and share a precious moment of silence.

Occasionally, she even enjoyed the privilege of sitting on the “silent pillow” herself, since scolding her after doing something not o.k. was not allowed for me either, as long as she was sitting in silence. Same rights for all doing Zazen! Very likely, reflecting silently for a few minutes about her doings was anyway much better than parent’s advice …

Of course, when the teddy bear was sick or her doll crying, interrupting my Zazen was always allowed. Compassion for others, and be it a teddy or a doll, stands above all rules!

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