Zen Ken Sho – Sesshin Announcement

Next month (August 20-23, 2023) I will teach a 3 1/2 days Sesshin at Benediktushof Holzkirchen (near Wuerzburg/Germany). We will practise a combination of Zazen, Hitsuzendo (Zen-Calligraphy with brush and ink) and Aikiken (Aikido-based exercises with a wooden sword).

The combination of Zen-Meditation, Calligraphy and exercises with a sword was practised already by old masters like Musashi Miyamoto, Yamaoka Tesshu and Oomori Sogen (my former teacher’s teacher).

hitsuzendoI believe that silent meditation (even if it is dynamic and strong) improves a lot when practised in combination with creative art and physical exercise.

Through our art we can express ourselves, our Zen-experience, and eventually realise who we are. In the trace of ink we leave behind on the paper we can see our own character, our own Zen-mind.

Physical exercise is not just healthy and creating a good balance with the periods of sitting. Especially in martial arts we practise the unification of body and mind through our breathing. Decisiveness and social interaction play a stronger role than in the more solitary practise of Zazen.

Zen-Ken-Sho no Michi is a Zen-Way of exercise where we equally practise Zazen, Hitsuzendo and Aikiken.

A few places are still available, if you are interested please register for the Sesshin via Benediktushof Holzkirchen.

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